Answer Tough Interview Questions

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How do you manage stress when dealing with tight deadline?

I usually step back and list out the importance, complexity and deadline of each task. It would be more manageable with a clearer road map of completing the tasks with priority. It can help overcoming stress.

How do you respond to failure if the sales target cannot be achieved?

I’ll perform in-depth review on the performance of the program. I’ll also check the response from the customer service department by getting customers’ feedback. I’ll try to improve the logistics of the program to be launched onwards.

How do you handle conflicts across teams?

As different colleagues may have their underlying reasons, I’ll try to understand their rationales behind and negotiate with them patiently and sincerely. I’ll let them know the concerns from the management and strive to come up with the best option for the company.

If overtime is required during weekend, what do you think?

I’m willing to. To be competent at the job, I’ll make my best effort to complete the required tasks on time. I’m also flexible to work remotely anytime.

What is your greatest achievement of your previous job?

Being a marketing manager, I’m able to deliver effective marketing campaigns within aggressive timeline. I can bring an extra of 30% increase of sales revenue on average in a year.

What’s your style of management?

I would base on the character of my team members and adjust my management style. My objective is to let members having clear direction and right approach to accomplish the tasks without any frustration while meeting the timeline.

What is your weakness?

I’m very concerned of my quality of work. My character pushes me to make thorough consideration on the details of the marketing plan. Hence, I usually submit it for my boss’s review with very limited timeline.

Do you think you can match with the culture of the company?

I’m aware of your company’s core values via your website and social media platforms. After further understanding the job description during the interview, I’ve a stronger feel and hopefully would like to be part of your team.

What is your long-term goal?

For the coming ten years, I would like to be the marketing expertise in the consumer goods industry. I’ve continually taken professional courses to acquire practical and updated skills and applications under my professional area.

In your last position, did you encounter any problem that you should learn from the experience?

During the past three years, I faced ad hoc requirements with tight deadline from the management. I’ve been trained up with smarter ways in preparing different marketing plans efficiently.

Why should we hire you?

I think I can contribute my acquired skills and experience to your company. With my past achievements in different employers, I would be able to bring the best practice and new elements to your company.

What’s your reason of resignation?

I’ve already stayed in the same position of the company for several years. I think it’s time to make career change for taking up more challenging role.

What do you think of the development of our industry?

Based on different news and research, the development of the industry is promising in the coming ten years. As it’s extremely competitive in the market, it’s crucial to attract potential talents for contributing creative ideas to your products.





























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