Asking Direction on the Street

Listening | English and Chinese scripts are provided below and you can understand the content easier.

Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me the direction of the nearest subway station?

Yes. You can go straight along this road.

Hello, can you help me? How far is the seafood market from here?

It’s next to the night market. It would take a 15-minute walk from here.

Excuse me, I could not locate the hotel based on the map. Would you please help on this?

Sure. It’s on the other side of the road. Please turn right at the crossroad.

Sorry, I’ve gone to the wrong hospital. Can you tell me the way to this hospital?

Please take the bus near the coffee shop.

Good afternoon, may I ask for some help? Is there a famous temple around here?

Of course. You’re going the wrong way. It’s in front of the wet market.

Excuse me, I would like to visit the racecourse. Is it correct if I go in this direction?

Yes. Please go straight ahead.

Hello, could you tell me the way to waterfront? Is it a long walk?

Please go along the street until you reach the garden. It’s a 10-min walk.

Good morning, can you tell me how to get to the taxi station?

Sure. It’s on the corner.

Sorry, what’s the quickest way to get to the museum?

It’s behind the bridge. You may cross the street and it’s on the right.

Excuse me, sir. Is it the right way for the shopping mall?

Yes. Please go down the street and it’s on the left.

Hello, I’m sorry to interrupt you. Do you know where the pier is?

Please take the third turning on the right.

Sorry, I’m lost. Where can I find the nearest toilet?

It’s in the shopping mall opposite the supermarket.

Excuse me. I’m new here. Would you please show me the direction to the entrance of the university?

It’s on the other side of the road. You’ll see a church on the right. You can’t miss it.

Good morning, I would like to go to the tram station. May I know the best way to the entrance?

Sure. The best way is to cross the street and then go up. It’ll be on the corner.



是的, 您可以沿著這條路一直走。

您好,您能幫我嗎? 海鮮市場離這裡有多遠?

它就在夜市旁邊, 從這裡步行需要15分鐘。

抱歉,我根據地圖找不到酒店, 請您可否幫忙一下?

當然可以,它在路的另一邊, 請在十字路口右轉。



午安,您可以幫助一下嗎? 這附近是否有一間著名的寺廟嗎?

當然可以, 您行錯路了, 它位於菜市場前面。



您好,可以告訴我去海濱的路嗎? 步行時間長嗎?

請沿著街道一直走到花園, 步行要10分鐘。


當然可以, 在轉角位置。







抱歉,我迷路了, 我可以在哪裡找到最近的廁所?


打擾一下, 我是新來這裡, 請您告訴我大學入口的方向好嗎?

它在路的另一邊, 您會在右邊看到一座教堂,你一定會看到的。

早上好,我想去電車站, 我可以知道到達入口的最佳路線嗎?

當然可以,最好的方法是過馬路然後向上行, 它會在轉角處。


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