Basics for Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

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How does it work for Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)?

During the purchase, you can pay for small amounts first and get the goods immediately. The remaining amounts will be paid in a few instalments.

Is BNPL a form of borrowing?

Yes. BNPL providers make full payments to the merchants on behalf of customers. Next, customers will pay back the providers by instalments. Hence, customers actually borrow money from the providers.

Is it difficult to apply for BNPL?

The barrier is low for BNPL as compared with that of credit card. Income proof and credit checking are not required for BNPL but for credit card.

What’s the implication of application without income proof?

If you’re a student, a housewife, self-employed or do not have stable income, you can still apply for instalments loan with BNPL.

Why is BNPL so popular for customers?

The choices of product are many ranging from daily necessities to more expensive items. Different merchants are willing to partner with BNPL providers for increasing sales opportunities.

How is the flow of making an instalment with BNPL?

First, you can open an account at the BNPL platform. During checkout at the merchant’s website, you can simply select the BNPL provider and input the payment arrangement.

Is it actually free when using BNPL?

Not exactly. You’re required to pay for interest or delay fee when any repayment in a series of instalments is delayed.

How can I avoid overspending?

The payment plan of BNPL is simple. It indirectly encourages impulse spending. You should assess the item that should be purchased or not seriously.

What is the consequence of delayed repayment?

As BNPL takes a form of borrowing, it’ll affect your credit score. It may also accumulate and become your unaffordable debt if you hold accounts with many delayed payments.

Under what circumstances should I select BNPL or credit card for instalment?

BNPL providers usually offer a few repayment periods e.g. three months whereas credit card companies provide flexible repayment periods e.g. six months, one year or more.  

How should I choose BNPL providers?

Please read the terms and conditions carefully e.g. hidden costs for delayed payment, arrangement of shipping, refund and return policies.

How can I get more protection when selecting BNPL providers?

The refund and return policies of BNPL providers vary and can be tricky. You should check the procedure and understand buyer protection policy in detail before signing up the providers.

How can I avoid the case of delayed repayment?

Please set reminders or auto-debiting of account. If not, you may accumulate more debt when using several providers.

What’s the unexpected issue of using BNPL?

The BNPL market is not as mature as that of credit card. It may take extra time to settle disputes or return products purchased with BNPL providers.





是的,「先買後付」 供應商代表客戶向商戶全額付款,接著,客戶將分期償還予供應商,故客戶實際上是向供應商借錢。

申請「先買後付」 困難嗎?

與信用卡相比,「先買後付」的門檻較低,「先買後付」 不需要收入證明和信用檢查,但信用卡是需要。


如果您是學生、家庭主婦、自僱人士或沒有穩定收入,您可以通過「先買後付」 申請分期貸款。


產品的選擇很多,從日常用品到更昂貴的物品,不同的商戶願意與「先買後付」 供應商合作以增加銷售機會。

「先買後付」 的分期付款流程如何?

首先,您可以在「先買後付」 平台開戶,在商戶網站結賬時,您只需選擇「先買後付」 供應商,並輸入付款安排即可。

使用「先買後付」 真的是免費的嗎?



「先買後付」 的付款計劃簡單,間接地鼓勵了衝動消費,您應該認真評估應該購買或不應該購買的物品。


由於 「先買後付」 屬借貸,故會影響您的信用評分,如您持有 數個賬戶及有很多延遲付款,也可能累積及成為您無法負擔的債務。


「先買後付」 供應商通常提供少一些的還款期,例如三個月,而信用卡公司提供靈活的還款期,例如六個月、一年或更長。

我應該如何選擇「先買後付」 供應商?


當選擇 「先買後付」 供應商時,如何可獲得更多保障?

「先買後付」 供應商的退款和退貨政策各不相同,而且可能很複雜,在確認使用供應商前,您應該檢查有關程序,並詳細了解買家保障政策。



使用「先買後付」 有什麼可能未能預計的問題?

由於「先買後付」 市場不如信用卡成熟,解決爭議或從「先買後付」 供應商退回已購買的產品可能需要額外的時間。


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