Do You Enjoy Beach Activities?

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What is the destination that you would select during holiday?

I prefer having vacation along the seaside because it would be a memorable experience when spending time on the sandy beach.

What attracts you when having a beach holiday?

Having a trip to the seaside, I can walk along the beach and play with my pet. It’s so relaxing on the warm and golden sand by stretching my legs.

I also enjoy the waves which make up the harmonious symphony with aquatic fun. It can let my mind wander and beat the heat by having deep breath.

What do you like for an attractive beach?

A wide beach with fine, golden sand and shallow waters would be my preferred choice. If different recreational hotspots with excellent amenities and services are available, they would add value to my dream beach.

What are your favourite activities on the beach?

I’m attracted by scenic beauty with choices of recreational activities such as sunbathing, having fun with a beach ball, flying kite and Frisbee with my family in the warm summer breezes.

I’ll take a break to linger at a pavement café or restaurant and enjoy the magnificent views and climate. It’s natural to slow down and feel the joyful experiences surrounding me.

I like the live music and street performers at some of the beaches. I can stroll along the beach and rollerblade in a separate bike path provided. It’s an unforgettable experience at the beach.

What kinds of water sports that you enjoy a lot on a beach holiday?

I love windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding. Some of the beaches are renowned for their pristine and crystal-clear waters and they’re marvellous.

What is the best thing to do with kids in the beach?

My kids like building sandcastles on the beach with buckets and spades. I’ve no idea how they come up with the formula of mixing water and sand for avoiding washing away from waves.

They also love swimming. Some of the beaches offer all of the essential amenities such as changing rooms, showers, toilets, barbeque pits and kiosks serving refreshments. We definitely indulge in the grill for a post-beach meal.

Are there any indoor activities when the weather isn’t cooperating?

Some of the beaches on a large scale are well equipped with indoor attractions e.g., indoor skydiving, aquarium and museum. For the indoor skydiving, I felt the super-real stimulating body sensation and flying experience. It’s extraordinary.





















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