Do You Know Some Hotel Services?

Listening | English and Chinese scripts are provided below and you can understand the content easier.

Good evening! It’s Room No. 100. Would you please set up a wake-up call at 7am tomorrow for me?

Excuse me. It’s Room No.100. Can I ask for an international adapter, a hair dryer and a shaving kit?

Hello. It’s Room No.100. Can I get an extra pillow in my room? May I have filling of feathers?

Good evening! It’s Room No.100. I found that some of the amenities in the toilet and pantry were not provided. Would you please send someone for checking?

Excuse me. How can I use the Wi-Fi service in the room? Would you please provide the access code? What are the steps of logging in the site?

Hello. It’s Room No. 100. I’ve ordered room service for my dinner tonight. Would you please provide a high chair for my baby?

Good evening! It’s Room No. 100. I would like to order room service. I would like to have 2 sets of Continental breakfast with orange juices at 9am tomorrow.

Good morning! I plan to visit several attractions in the city tomorrow. Do you provide car rental service? What are the charges such as administration, insurance and upgrade fee?

Hello. I would like to give a wonderful surprise to my husband. Would you please arrange the delivery of gift to my room?

Excuse me. My clothes are in need of fixing urgently. Do you provide clothing repairing service? What is the service fee?

Good morning! I’ve read the catalogue of your souvenirs. I’m interested in your vintage hotel sticks. How can I place the order?

Hello. I would like to use the laundry service. How much does it cost?

Excuse me. I scalded myself on some boiling water. Can you give me a first aid kit?

Sorry. After checking out from the hotel, can you keep my luggage in the hotel for a few hours?

Excuse me. My mother is not feeling well now after finishing the lunch buffet. Please help to call an ambulance.

Good morning! I would like to exchange some banknotes urgently. Can you help on this? What are the exchange rates?


晚上好,這裡是 100 號房間,請您為我安排明天早上 7 點叫醒服務嗎?

打擾一下,這是 100 號房間,我可以要一個國際插頭、一個吹風機及一個剃鬍套件嗎?

您好,這是 100 號房間,我可以在房間裡多加一個枕頭嗎?可以給我羽毛物料嗎?



您好,這裡是 100 號房間,我為今晚的晚餐預訂了客房服務,您能為我的寶寶提供一張高腳椅嗎?

晚上好,這裡是 100 號房間,我想預訂客房服務,明天上午 9 點享用兩份歐陸式早餐和橙汁。

早上好,我計劃明天參觀城裡的幾個景點,您們提供汽車租賃服務嗎? 管理費、保險費和升級費是多少?










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