Exciting about Halloween?

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(1) Halloween

Halloween brings joy and excitement to families and friends. Do you know some key traditions? They are interesting pumpkin lanterns, spooky costume, funny trick-or-treating and horrifying haunted houses. Let’s have walkthrough of them.

(2) Pumpkin Lanterns

Parents and children usually make beautiful homemade pumpkin lanterns together for enjoying the Halloween season. Making pumpkin lanterns is one of the best traditions and sign of scary Halloween.

People have been excitedly making horrifying pumpkin lanterns at Halloween for centuries. How to make a pumpkin lantern? It’s so easy and does not cost too much.

First, you can cut a slice from the bottom and the top off the pumpkin respectively. Then, you can use a spoon to remove the seeds and clean out the insides. Finally, you can draw eyes, a nose and a mouth and cut out the pieces for making a daunting face.

Please be reminded to put a battery powered candle in the centre for lighting up the amazing lantern. It’s actually a family-friendly activity to crave pumpkin and then decorate the home with lanterns.

In addition to home decoration, there are different types of local Halloween events to celebrate and families can enjoy and have fun with the children.

Events such as pumpkin walks, hikes or exhibits at the theme parks, gardens or special location are so entertaining. Parades of pumpkin floating on a lake and parks are also kid-friendly adventures.

For pumpkin walk, parents and children can walk along the path, featuring thousands of carved, painted and lighted pumpkins of all shapes and size. The scene is extraordinary and fantastic.

Children can even donate their own craved pumpkins and recognition will be presented for the most creative and scariest pumpkin. Parents can take funny photos especially with mega size of pumpkins and even carve pumpkins from the walk.

(3) Spooky Costume

Long time ago, people wearing costumes were to scare ghosts away at night and avoid evil spirits. Nowadays, wearing scary and creative costumes is more fun than frightening.

At Halloween parties and parades, people are dressed up in impressive and weird masks and costumes such as ghosts, zombies and mummies. They would like to present their most terrifying outfits for celebrating the spookiest and coolest Halloween.

In fact, there was transformation of costumes and some people took it to a whole new level of costumes. Some are dressing sexy with good looking outfit whereas some are having funny characters from theme parks or even Transformers characters from movies.

People are thinking of having unique costume and trying to be the most outstanding and dramatic character in the themed events. It can be funny, scary and completely different from the real-life.

Children are also dressed up in joining parties or events at schools or different places. They’re having fun in wearing pumpkins, magician or animal costumes by showing off their creative and insane outfit.

(4) Trick-or-Treating

Children being dressed up in Halloween costumes and going from door-to-door happily with buckets will ask for candies from their neighbors in the evening of Halloween. They would ring the doorbells and say “Trick or Treat” to demand treats at each door.

At the door of neighbors, some Halloween decoration may be made with terrifying characters and children will be scared to take the candies at the door. In turn, some houses may be designed with awesome and warm lighting and welcoming signal.

No matter of cool or fun decoration, the purpose is to create excitement and memorable moment for kids during Halloween. Kids are running around and having so much fun in collecting candies and exchanging them with friends.

Some people may think that this traditional trick-or-treating is quite boring. There are also different adventures designed for this special occasion such as asking kids to hunt the sweets from the hided locations.

It’s such an incredible opportunity for the community to collectively celebrate the holiday. Moreover, trick or treating has no age limit and everyone can participate in the tradition.

(5) Haunted Houses

To explore excitement rather than joining traditional parties or parades, visiting scary haunted houses may be another way of entertainment during Halloween. There are different attractions that you can select such as low-budget or the scariest haunted houses.

The haunted houses are designed from scary stories and movies. When facing with terror, your heart is racing and your feet are running fast. You’ll get frustrated and upset when something is running after you.

When you’re getting lost, you’ll feel thrilling but also challenging. People especially for teenagers love to be scared and get into the spirit of the holiday. That’s why Halloween haunted houses attract thousands of thrilled seekers each year.

People sometimes are obsessed with haunted houses and they would like to visit the most frightening haunted house attractions as many as possible each year. They’re enthusiastic and would like to get through each attraction.

Some people may even rent a haunted house and invite their friends and family members for having great memories in a night of horrors. It’s astounding that all friends scream, laugh, dine and drink together.

With the new technology, visiting haunted houses physically may also be converted to virtual games. Halloween can also go virtual and you may visit virtual haunted houses that were built by the real one.

By having the virtual tour, you can explore each room and each level of the house. We’ll be able to take VR into the haunted house. The 3-dimensional experience will bring highly realistic, immersive graphics and sounds. In addition, there are games featuring virtual ghosts that you may use your mobile application to capture them with fun. You can play it anytime and anywhere. It’s really good news and a way of transformation to lovers of Halloween.


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