Interviewing a K-pop Fan

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Why do you like K-pop so much?

Korean pop music is so special. It’s energetic and entertaining.

How’s K-pop different from other music?

K-pop songs combine mix of elements including hip-hop, dance, rapping, electronic and rock music with catchy melodies.

What are the attractions of K-pop idols?

They’re trained for years with discipline to form the groups. They’re talented in singing, rapping and dancing.

Why are the performances entertaining?

The K-pop videos are produced professionally including high-quality music and perfect choreography. They’re visually pleasing.

Did you attend any K-pop concert before?

Yes. It was an unforgettable and wonderful experience. The stage performance including vocals, dances and costumes were extraordinary.

What can you learn from K-pop groups?

Hardworking and persistence. During facing obstacles at work, we should stay positive but not give up.

Who is your favourite K-pop group?

I like Korean girl group “BLACKPINK”. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose are all fantastic.

What’s so unique for BLACKPINK?

I like their music, style and personalities. Each of the team members has her role in the band and they support one another. It shows strong bonding of the group.

First of all, I love Lisa very much. She is the main dancer and the lead rapper in BLACKPINK. She’s a very versatile idol.

Her performance is impressive with smooth body action, unique facial expression and sharp rhythm.

Her doll-like face is so cute, sweet and charming. She can also be as elegant as a princess.

Lisa has achieved the first K-pop solo artist album “LALISA” surpassing 1 billion streams on Spotify. She has already broken seven Guinness World Records.

The second member, Jennie, is the main rapper and the lead vocalist. She’s a strong leader with brilliant charisma and inspiration.

She demonstrates strong vocals ranging from rapping to singing. Jennie’s solo song “SOLO” is also a stunning performance.

Third, Jisoo is the lead vocalist and visual. She’s a visual queen with perfect proportions. She keeps the vocal harmonies for the group.

Her captivating dance performance of “FLOWER” has attracted the global attention to try the challenge of flower dance.

Finally, Rose is the main vocalist and the lead dancer. She is known for her unique and dreamy voice. She has earned a title of “golden voice” in Korea.

She is an amazing dancer with unique facial expression and sleek dance move. Rose’s solo song “On the Ground” has also racked up incredible views in social media platforms.

Did you buy their World Tour’s ticket?

Definitely yes. I’m so excited for the coming concert. In addition, I’ve also downloaded their first official game, “BLACKPINK the Game”.

It’s so interesting that I can play as the producer of BLACKPINK and help grow the members of the group. As a fan, I can collect exclusive items, select outfits and manage schedules for my idols in the virtual world. It’s truly marvellous.















我喜歡韓國女子組合「BLACKPINK」, Jennie、Jisoo、Lisa 和 Rose 都很棒。

BLACKPINK 有什麼獨特之處?


首先,我非常喜愛Lisa,她是 BLACKPINK 的主要舞者和首席說唱歌手,她是一個多才多藝的偶像。



Lisa 的第一張韓國流行音樂個人歌手專輯「LALISA」在 Spotify 上的播放量突破了 10 億次,她已經打破了七項健力士世界紀錄。

第二位成員 Jennie 是主要的說唱歌手和主唱,她是一位強有力的領導者,具有非凡的魅力和靈感。

她展示了從說唱到唱歌的強大嗓音, Jennie的獨唱歌曲「SOLO」也是極迷人的表現。




她是一位了不起的舞者,擁有獨特面部表情和流暢的舞步,Rose的獨唱歌曲「ON THE GROUND」也在社交媒體平台上獲得了令人難以置信的瀏覽量。


當然有的,我對即將的演唱會感到非常興奮,另外,我已下載了她們的首個官方遊戲「BLACKPINK the Game」。

能夠作為 BLACKPINK 的製作人,幫助組合成員成長,真是太有趣了。



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