Is 24 Hours Gym Worth?

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How’s your plan of losing weight?

To start my fitness journey, I registered for one day free trial of 24 hours fitness centre. I could try a variety of equipment and group fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates and Zumba.

After the trial, I decided to join the membership of 24 hours fitness centre. It offered a complete line of cardio, strength and training equipment.

Why is 24 hours gym so attractive to you?

The conventional gym cannot fit my schedule due to my work commitments and personal activities. As I lead busy lives, 24 hours gym provides me flexibility in exercising on my time.

How do you select the most suitable 24 hours gym?

I choose the gym with branches located close to my home and workplace. It’s easier to stick to my fitness routine. I can plan my workout during lunchtime if I catch up with my friends in the evening.

I prefer to work out early in the morning and lunchtime on weekdays. In turn, I enjoy exercising in late evening on weekends. I seldom spend times in waiting for popular equipment and machines now.

How do you feel about the technology used in the gym?

I’m impressed by face recognition system adopted by the gym. I can enter the gym without the need of bringing any identity verification proof such as membership card or identity card. The system automatically records my attendance.

It’s not only a seamless experience but also a secure way of access control for members. It can improve the gym security and minimize the potential for fraudulent membership use. The illegitimate access inside the gym can be reduced.

With the help of advanced technology, the gym employs fewer staff for operational management. I feel more relaxed and less distracted when exercising in an intelligent and automated self-service.

Have you signed a contract for one year or more?

No. I’m not tied down by any long-term contract. As there is no prepayment requirement, the transparent pricing attracts me. I only pay for what I’ve joined the monthly membership scheme.

What is one of the important considerations when selecting the gym?

Gym cleanliness is a priority consideration. It’s essential to clean the gym and sanitize gym equipment by following the guideline. I’m impressed by its high standard of sterilization system and consistent cleaning schedule.

High-touch areas such as equipment surfaces, mats and benches are breeding grounds for germs. The staff should be trained with proper cleaning procedures for maintaining a hygienic environment.

What do you enjoy during working out?

Exercising in the gym is fun. I can unwind and build connections with new friends. As we’ve similar health value and goals, it’s easier to start conversation and have something in common to discuss.






















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