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Why are you interested in volunteering for marathon?

Marathon is a great running event in the city. I love to meet like-minded people. I would like to feel the excitement of crossing the finish line. Most importantly, I can give back to the society.

What is the experience required so that I can sign up as a volunteer?

It’s not necessary to have experience at all. If you’re a team player with friendly and enthusiastic attitude, you can join the volunteer team and take up your preferred roles.

How can I join the volunteer team?

You may register for the volunteer program at our website. You can specify what you would like to do on the race day.

What types of roles can be chosen by the volunteer?

There are different roles available before and during the race day. You can select your preferred shift, roles and locations during online registration.

Please take note the start time of each shift especially for the earliest shift. You may need to plan ahead and check how you can get to the location.

How can I assist in the event?

As a marathon volunteer, you can provide logistical support at different locations. Your devoted and positive effort plays a crucial role in the delivery of a seamless and safe event.

At the start line, you’ll support runners by welcoming them, packing and distributing race materials. You should get prepared to answer questions from the runners and spectators.

To create an engaging event with the runners, you’ll cheer them on with warm smiles at the start line. our role is to create a positive and energetic atmosphere for the runners.

You can also consider volunteering at the drink station. The tasks include setting up the station, filling and stacking up the cups with water.

When the runners pass the station, they may get fatigued. You can revive them by handing out drinks and refreshments to them.

Safety is the key to the success of the event. A tidy and dry station with no obstacles will help avoid accidents and injuries.

By giving directions and encouragement to the runners, you’ll shout and clap for the runners as they pass by. When the runners hear your words of inspiration, they will feel energized and confident.

If you’re familiar with the course, you can help monitor the course. You’ll guide the runners along the right path. When the runners cross, you can signal to the pedestrians for avoiding any accidents.

At the finish line, you can congratulate the runners and help distribute the medals. Your role is to provide helpful support to the runners and make them feel proud after the race.

Most of the roles require your help to stand for long periods from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the simple and clear instructions for each role.

What can I learn as a marathon volunteer?

As you’ve got the chance to interact with large number of peoples, volunteering can strengthen your communication skills. You’ll learn to express yourself clearly and confidently.

As you may handle various unexpected situations and enquiries from the runners, it can help you develop good problem solving skills.

As you’ll work in close collaboration with other volunteers, organizer and runners, you can develop your team work abilities in changing situations.

Can I join the team by bringing a volunteer group?

Yes, of course. No matter of joining as an individual or volunteering together as a group, we appreciate your contribution for the success of the marathon.





























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