Reminders for Outlet Shopping

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I’m excited to visit the outlet mall which features over 100 designer brands.

Each of the store sells products from a single brand. They include fashion, footwear, cosmetics, homeware and furniture.

The mall has a wide array of international names with huge price reductions which can be sometimes up to 90% off.

The brand stores sell and clear their inventory that is from the previous seasons’ collections.

It’s actually a win-win situation for both the brand stores and customers. We also give a second life to the products that may be sent to the landfill earlier.

The mall is a great place for me to save money significantly because the products are sold at bargain prices.

To ensure paying at the lowest price with good quality, I usually carry out the following checking.

Before making payment at the cashier, I verify the price tag of each item carefully to avoid being charged incorrectly.

The purpose of outlet shopping is to achieve great savings. I check the special offers on the websites especially for the clearance items before going to the brands stores.

If I’m not sure on the price that is marked, I’ll compare it with the regular price online. I do not blindly trust the “suggested retail price” stated at the price tag.

The products purchased at the outlets cannot be returned to the regular stores conveniently. I always examine the return policy before purchasing.

I have preference of some brands. I usually check the sizes before going to the stores and it can lower the possibility of returning the products after purchasing.

I verify the quality of the products because some may be made specific for outlet malls. It’s not an apple-to-apple comparison of the price and quality.

There may be difference in material used for outlet and regular store. It explains why the discount is huge at outlet.

To get extra discounts, I’ve joined the membership of the mall and downloaded the online coupons. Physical coupons are also available at the customer service of the mall.

The overall experience of the mall is quite good. The catering services and accessibility of the mall are both higher than my expectation.

The mall offers child-friendly sports zone, baby care room and different varieties of dining spots. The caring facilities give me a break during shopping.

Some of the outlet malls have already launched their mobile applications which offer the same discounts of physical malls. The transformation can give you an alternative to shop conveniently.


我很高興來到擁有 100 多個設計師品牌的特賣場購物中心。


購物中心擁有眾多國際知名品牌,價格大幅下降,有時折扣高達 90%。

















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