Watch Out! Online Shopping!

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How do you choose a trusted online shop?

I’ll check if the shop has been running for a reasonable period e.g. one year. I’ll also scan through the posts and details of the shop e.g., address and contact at social media platforms.

What do you think of a safe online shop?

For a safe online shop, it should be safer when encrypted “https” is used instead of “http” for the website. Meanwhile, I’ll also keep track of my credit card spending in case of any abnormal transaction found.

There are increasing fraud cases for online shopping. What do you think?

When making credit card payment via online, I should receive emails from the banks. If those purchases were not authorized by me, I’ll contact the customer hotline of banks for follow up immediately.

Do you know how to identify whether the website is a real online shopping portal?

If it’s my frequent shopping portal, I’ll bookmark it. I’ll not click on any link provided from an unknown sender. The fake website’s URL of would be very similar to the real one.

If the online shop states limited version of product, will you be interested?

No. It may be the honeyed words. Meanwhile, I do not have the knowledge to verify whether the item is a fake or not. We should take extra care of it.

If the online shop states very attractive discounts within a limited period, will you be interested?

No. If the shop is not known before, we should beware of clicking the information which may lead you to a phishing website. Your personal information will be stolen after entering your credit card information.

How do you safeguard your credit card information?

I do not disclose my credit card number, expiry date and CVC (the last three digits at the back of the credit card) to a third party. Thieves can make online purchases by using this information unlawfully.

Did you encounter the problem of returning the goods to the online shop?

Yes. I found that the goods delivered were not the same based on the product description. As I had a very strong reason, the shop did not charge me extra courier cost.

What are the reasons of driving you to shop online continually?

Most importantly, it saves my time, effort and money. Being a working woman, I can focus my attention on the children and other household tasks. As more retailers are moving online, we’ll be benefited from their services.

How do you think of the flexibility of the services provided by online shopping?

I can select my preferred delivery option e.g., delivering to my house, picking up from the selected points or stores. If the items were relatively expensive or fragile, I would prefer picking up by myself.

Do you prefer paying by credit card or digital wallet?

I prefer using digital wallet because I can usually be entitled with both credit card’s award point and the offers of loyalty program of different digital wallets binding with credit cards.

Did you encounter any error during placing the purchase order?

Yes. I incorrectly select picking up the items from the physical store rather than delivering them to my house. I contacted the customer hotline immediately and the issue was settled quickly.

Did you receive any damaged product?

Yes. I got one case before and it was finally returned to the online shop. However, the procedure was a bit complicated.















我不會向第三方透露我的信用卡號碼、到期日和CVC驗證號碼 (信用卡背面的最後三位數字) ,盜賊可以使用此資料進行非法網上購物。














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