What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

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What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

Mixed Reality allows you to perform multiple tasks in the digital world while staying connected to your physical world. It’s the merge of both virtual and physical worlds.

How does Mixed Reality (MR) work?

Technically, Mixed Reality combines the technology of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Physical and virtual objects coexist in front of your eyes after wearing the device.

How should I operate the wearable device with Mixed Reality (MR) technology?

You can use your eyes, hands and voice to control the content to be displayed in the virtual screen.

The wearable device is able to track your eyes movement. You can navigate the interface, scroll and select items seamlessly with your eyes as the signal of giving instruction.

Your gesture such as movement of your hands is another way of providing instruction to the device. You can scroll, tap, zoom in and rotate by using designated gestures of your hands.

Alternatively, you can also use voice commands to control the functions of the device. By using the voice prompts or typing in a virtual keyboard, you’ll be impressed by the incredible technology.

How can I perform multiple tasks at the same time when wearing the device?

You can imagine a huge virtual screen in front of you. Setting up multiple tasks becomes easier and hence raising your productivity.

For example, at the centre of the screen, you can enjoy watching a movie. On the left, you can check emails by displaying your emails box. On the right, you can arrange a conference call with your colleagues.

Meanwhile, you can also interact with your family members in the physical world. Even if you commute from your home to the office, you can still focus on your tasks by wearing the device.

What’s the meaning of “immersive” experience?

When you watch a movie or play a game, the contents float within your physical world. It’s similar to sitting in an immersive cinema environment when watching the movie. The three-dimensional objects approach you with stunning experience.

How can the device raise the creativity of businesses?

The new technology may transform the way of interacting people with more personalized elements. As privacy increases after wearing the headset, businesses may introduce more exciting and creative features specific for the device.

What may be the change of customers’ behaviour after using the device?

In the long run, customers may not buy television, notebook and tablet. As the device can consolidate the features provided from those devices, customers can wear the device to perform multiple tasks with incredible experiences.

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