What will You Ask in a Hotel?

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Good morning! I would like to explore the attractions of the city tomorrow. May I have your advice of some of the spots nearby?

Hello. I would like to join a half-day tour for sightseeing. Can you provide the details of some of the local tours?

Excuse me. I would like to go for vintage shopping. May I know the direction of taking the train?

Good evening! I’ve checked the tourist guide that there are some venues with live music nights. Is it correct if I go this way?

Hello. May I confirm that there is a cultural festival held at the museum? Where can I buy the ticket in advance?

Excuse me. I’m interested to discover the cultural heritage and architecture of the city. Can you provide me some checkpoints for visit?

Good morning! I like Cantonese cuisine. Can you recommend me some of the exceptional dining options around the city?

Hello. I would like to go to Central Market. Would you please help calling a taxi for me?

Excuse me. What is the average waiting time of calling a taxi in peak hours? Or should I take a bus instead?

Good evening! May I know the venue of the dinner buffet? What are the types of restaurants or cafes for my selection?

Hello. May I know the opening hours of the lounge serving the breakfast buffet?

Excuse me. I would like to check the facilities in the hotel. I’ve spotted that there is a kids club at the second floor. Is it open now?

Good afternoon. May I have your check if the swimming pool at the rooftop is an outdoor pool? Do you have any indoor heated pool?

Hello. I would like to maintain my workout routine. What are the programs provided by your gym experts at the fitness centre?

Excuse me. My wife would like to check the types of treatment offered at the spa and wellness centre. Would you please provide the price list for our reference?

Excuse me. There was cigarette odor inside my room. Can you change the room for me?

Sorry. I feel very annoying for the loud music from my neighbouring room.

Can I get a corner room instead? Excuse me. Would you please advise the procedure of speedy checking out from the hotel? Should I simply drop the room key at the front desk?





















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