Why is ESG Important to You?

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What is ESG? How does it impact us?

ESG stands for environment, social and governance. Personal ESG is related to the way we live, spend money and invest while considering ESG as the key factors.

Why do we care for personal ESG?

When we make responsible decisions in spending money, we can help protecting environment and building a better planet for our generations.

Why is personal ESG relevant to you?

Personal ESG score focusing on environmental, social and governance impacts may be used by the employers as the assessment of individual sustainability rating in the future.

How do we begin personal ESG habit? Should we start now?

For dietary choices, we should make mindful decisions about what we eat. We should try to have balance diet and include organic and plant-based products.

By consuming less meats and more vegetables or fruits, we can reduce both the emission of greenhouse gases and the risk of premature deaths.

For energy usage, we should save energy by turning off electronics and unplugging appliances when not in use.

We should also select appliances with better efficiency grading and recycled label. It can help saving our money and energy at home ongoingly.

For daily commute to work, using public transport, carpooling and cycling can minimise our carbon footprint.

If you’re a car owner, buying electric vehicle may be your preferred option in the future. With lower fuel and maintenance costs, electric vehicle can help saving our money while improving air quality.

For our outfit during weekend, we should go for simplicity. Is it a must to buy first-hand clothes? Do we buy more clothes and wear them with just a few times only?

The increase of clothing consumption causes the high rates of textile waste. Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters in the world. 

Buying second-hand goods can contribute to a more sustainable future. It’s good to bear in mind before buying the new.

When we buy stocks from companies that are committed to sustainability, we actually support businesses that prioritise environmental, social, and governance factors in their operation. 

Sustainable investing would be the trend of investment e.g., companies leading the way in sustainability, renewable energy or green technology.

When we can eat organic foods, reduce energy consumption and build recycling habits, we can achieve green living gradually. They are positive to the environmental protection.

Doing something small can make a big difference. If each of us can have such attitude, it can help reducing carbon footprint and leading to sustainable living.

We should start and build our habit now by combining personal ESG into our lifestyle choices without any doubt.

Reference: www.esgthereport.com

Disclaimer: The video is used for educating the public about the use of English. It’s not intended for selling any investment products.



ESG 代表環境保護、社會責任和公司治理,個人ESG與我們的生活方式、花錢方式和投資方式有關,而考慮ESG是關鍵因素。

我們為什麼關心個人 ESG?


為什麼個人 ESG 與您相關?


我們如何開始個人 ESG的習慣?我們應該現在就開始嗎?














毫無疑問,我們現在就應該開始並養成習慣,將個人 ESG 納入我們生活方式的選擇。




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