Why Volunteer for Older Adults?

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I’m a volunteer visitor for older adults. I visit seniors regularly and provide friendship and companionship to them.

Some older people may not have many relatives or loved ones around them. They may also have little contact with friends causing the elderly feeling isolated or lonely.

I reach out to serve them warmly by having friendly chat, sharing ideas and stories. Through regular visits, I’ve built a lasting and meaningful friendship with them.

My role is to bring joy and laughter to them and enhance their well-being. Having good social connection is essential for the health of the elderly.

The elderly are willing to share their interesting stories and experience with me. Being a good listener, I can help combating their loneliness.

Based on their sharing of interesting and meaningful stories, I’ve also learnt lots of lessons of wisdom from older generations.

Due to the health issues, some older people cannot go out easily and take part in social activities. I try my best efforts and help them fulfilling long-standing wishes based on their needs.

Their wishes can be as simple as watching a designated movie, having a meal at specific restaurant and visiting a market.

Towards the elderly, the wishes belong to their unforgettable memories. They would like to take a nostalgic look of their younger years. 

When I help cleaning their homes and delivering daily necessities, the elderly feel being cared for. After helping out with small tasks that they find difficult, it’s my reward to see the appreciation on their faces.

During holiday seasons, I help delivering gifts to the elderly for celebration. They can feel the love from the volunteers even for special days.

By contributing my time and efforts, I can help older adults staying well and connected. It can help improving their quality of life and reducing the feeling of isolation.

There are lots of ways we can volunteer to support the elderly. If you cannot spare extra time in visiting their homes, you can be a telephone friend of them by making regular phone calls.

It’s actually a win-win situation. I can stay mentally and physically healthy by meeting new friends, learning new skills and absorbing invaluable experience.

Meanwhile, I can make an incredible difference for the elderly. I’m extremely proud of myself to be a volunteer.


















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