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Hi Eva, please take a seat.

Thanks. Nice to meet you.

I’m Charles. Would you like to have a glass of water?

I’m good. Thank you.

Thanks for attending the interview today. I’m the Human Resources Manager. We received your application for the post of Sales and Marketing Manager. How did you hear about this position?

I followed news of your company for a while and I’m very interested in the role based on the job description.

Good. Would you please briefly introduce yourself?

Sure. I’ve worked at First Insurance Company for three years. I’m currently the Assistant Marketing Manager for life insurance products. I support my direct manager to plan for marketing, pricing and promotion strategy for insurance products.

To build a successful strategy, I perform regular research on competitors so that the best practice covering both market and consumer trend can be achieved. For launching marketing campaigns, I’m involved in drafting the details of campaigns and collaborating with internal and external parties for implementation.

Internal parties include Legal and Compliance teams for reviewing terms and conditions of programs and Corporate Communication team for providing professional customer-facing content. For those external parties, they are designer houses providing design of promotional webpages and banners.

After the promotion, I evaluate each campaign’s performance and try to propose insights for my manager as learning points for the programs launch in the future.

Would you please describe the procedure of launching a marketing program?

Yes. When there is a new product launch, I’ll have meeting with product team for understanding the key features and benefits towards customers.

Next, I join with my team members to have brainstorm session in proposing several options of marketing activities. After reviewing the pros and cons of different suggestion, I’ll base on the agreed approach to draft the detailed marketing plan with estimated budget and expected target for management approval.

Once the plan and budget are approved, I’ll prepare proposal and present the details of overall arrangement to the product team. For example, the logistics, attractiveness, offer and duration of program. After finetuning the proposal, I’ll seek for comment from Legal and Compliance teams for ensuring that the program message and content are both clear with terms and conditions protected.

Finally, I’ll consult Corporate Communication team for ensuring that the customer-facing content is presented to the public from professional perspective. Once the content is approved, I’ll brief advertising agency to design and build the promotional webpages and banners for different social media platforms.

Once design of those pages is approved internally and online marketing event is tested satisfactorily, the program can finally be launched. Last but not the least, after the launch, review of performance is required for measuring the result if the target can be met. Collection of feedback from customers is also important so that I can understand how and why the performance of the next program can be improved. As a whole, I manage the whole process from end to end.

What is your achievement at the current employer?

Well, last year, I was nominated as the Outstanding Employee of my department. It reflected that my contribution to the company was recognized for different areas including launching flagship project according to schedule and providing best support to the management. I’m grateful for getting the personal award.

For flagship project, I launched a digital platform for health and insurance. Customers can easily apply for different types of insurance products through a streamlined digital flow. The total number of applications was doubled when compared with the same period in the previous year.

Before joining First Insurance, you worked at another insurance company. Can you illustrate the job duty as well?

Yes. I worked as a Product Development Executive and assisted in managing and monitoring product development process for over two years.

For delivering a new product, I was involved in the whole development lifecycle including product design, testing and sales support. For product design, I supported my manager to perform benchmarking and proposed if there were any features that could outperform competitors. I also took part in testing for ensuring the product was made based on the requirement.

I reported progress, consolidated report and ensured satisfactory result before launching. In order to support the frontline colleagues with sufficient selling tool, I also prepared product training materials with pre-defined customers script for raising the successful rate of closing deals. In addition, I also collected feedback from sales channel and enhanced product feature if there were demanding business needs.

What do you know about us?

I got the news that your company had strategic alliance with a technology company that specialized in artificial intelligence recently. It shows good sign of development for customer driven insurance solution with intelligent design. Your company has invested resources in research and development so that better solution can be designed and offered to customers. 

You’ve over five years of product and marketing experience in insurance area. What do you think of the future trend of insurance industry?

I think there will be increasing number of innovative and new market entrants because of the demanding customer needs and use of new technologies.

Insurance companies should engage with customers for more personalized and innovative products by providing excellent customer experience. De-centralization will skip those banks as the middle men of distributing the products. To sustain a competitive edge, insurance company should put more focus on customer journey for securing the trust and loyalty of acquiring new customers.

What do you think your contribution to us?

Well. Based on my past experience, I’ve five years of relevant working experience in marketing, product development and project management in insurance industry. I am able to understand customer needs well and propose ways to build deeper relationships during the entire customer journey. I’ll provide insights on product strategy and devote myself to bringing successful launch of new products for your company.

Can you briefly introduce the undergraduate course at university?

Sure, I studied e-Commerce for my undergraduate degree at university. It provided me opportunity to acquire digital related knowledge covering latest e-business model, e-marketing, e-logistics and technology. Through fundamental principles and practical cases, I’m able to get inspired of new thinking and strategies and apply the knowledge in my work.

What’s your strength and weakness?

I think my strength is my willingness to support my teammates and boss as one team because having a strong team spirit can definitely solve different problems. For weakness, I think I’m quite a detail-oriented person. During brainstorming session, I may take longer time to think and ensure the logistics of the program is thoroughly considered without any customers confusion.

What’s the reason of leaving the current employer?

I’ve been working for traditional insurance companies for over five years. Digital transformation has already impacted customers choice nowadays and increasing adoption of technologies would be the key to success. Your company is using “insurtech” to improve efficiency, distribution and administration of process. I’ve a strong belief that it’s the future of growing business and want to be part of the team.

Why do we hire you?

I would like to contribute my past experience in product development and marketing areas for insurance industry. I’m able to manage projects independently with attentive to details. For liaising with different parties, I possess strong negotiation skills with cooperative manner.

Your company is a fast-growing company and requires candidate to help growing business sales aggressively. I’m confident that my knowledge and skill will help driving the business growth of your company. Moreover, I’m able to work under pressure with multi-tasks skills.

How’s your five-year plan?

After five years, I would like to accumulate relevant experience and to be the product expert of the insurance products and will specialize in product development and planning of insurtech area.

Can you describe your character?

I’m a kind, self-control and positive thinking person. During facing challenge, I’m able to take up the challenge and willing to solve the problem with patience and persistent manner.

How do you prioritize your work?

I usually prepare and maintain a to-do-list with deadline and importance every day. I would keep track of the status and follow the deadline required. For some of the tasks that are relatively important and concerned by the management, I’ll follow up those items at higher priority and keep close monitoring of the status.

How will you manage stress?

I sometimes feel stressful especially when the project is under the spotlight of the management and the timeline is extremely tight. However, I would try to step back and like to treat stress as motivation for achieving the goal. Although it’s not easy to handle it, I would try my best to keep positive mindset for overcoming the stress.

What’s your expected salary?

From what I know about the position, I think somewhere in the range of US$3,000 – US$4,000. It’s negotiable because career prospect is also my consideration.

When will you be available to report duty?

It’s one month notification period from my existing employer. I would try my best to arrange to report duty earlier after deducting my number of days from my entitled annual leave.

Any questions about the role?

May I know the team size and structure?

Marketing team has a team size of five. Sales and Marketing Manager reports to Senior Sales and Marketing Manager and there are two sub-ordinates supporting the Manager.

Do you have further questions?

No, it’s clearer now.

Great. That’s all for my questions today. Thanks for your time. We’re now in the screening process. We’ll contact you for second round of interview two weeks later.

Thanks for giving me opportunity in presenting my profile to you. I’ll wait for your notification later.

That’s good and thanks again.

Thank you.
































































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