Can I run a YouTube Channel?

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Hi John, how are you recently?

Hey Mary, long time no see. I’m busy lately. How are you doing after graduation?

I’m good. I heard from an old schoolmate that you’re currently a part-time YouTuber. It sounds interesting.

Yes, I started my YouTube channel one year ago. I’m teaching how to make dessert.

Wow. How can you do this?

It’s actually my personal interest. I’ve strong passion in making delicious dessert and have been taking cooking classes since secondary school. My friends like my dessert very much in terms of presentation and taste. I’m so happy during sharing at my YouTube channel. I’ve high satisfaction.

You’ve a full-time job, right? How can you allocate your time well?

You have to manage your time efficiently and reduce playing online games, shopping or dining out with your friends. I make use of personal time to achieve my goal.

I always feel so tired after work. It’s such an impossible task to me.

If you set a clear target, you will follow it. Being a full-time YouTuber, it’s my dream work because I am the boss. I can control my time with growing passive income. 

What do you mean for “Passive Income”?

“Passive Income” is the money generated without the daily commitment of a full-time job. It can be earnings from dividend of your purchased stock, rental fee of your property or income of your YouTube channel. I choose to start now and would like to have financially freedom after my early 30s. It’s my ultimate goal.

It’s awesome. What is the meaning of “Financial Freedom”?

It means that you need not worry about your living expenses and it can allow you to plan for life goal. You can control your finances and select your life choices. That’s the simple concept.

It’s truly incredible if I can be financially free when I’m in 30s. Even if I can achieve it when I’m in 40s, it’s still unbelievable.

Please be confident of yourself. You dream can come true and please do not underestimate yourself. Do you know why? If you can be financially free, you’ll have your flexibility. It does not mean you should get retired earlier. You can still work based on your interest. Most importantly, your body is healthy and you are still energetic to perform different activities. If your retirement is in early 50s or even up to 60s, you may have already taken different types of medicines or be suffered from chronically ill. You’ll sometimes feel upset and harassing. It’s meaningless even you have sufficient money for retirement. You can enjoy yourself only when you can still travel where you would like to go. This is the motivation that pushes me to start now.

I hold the same belief as you. Your mindset is great. How can I be a YouTuber? Let me think about the content that I should communicate and share at my channel.

Yes, it would be good to get started as early as possible. You’ll find that you can learn on the preparation of video’s content. You can improve your content and presentation by collecting comments from the viewers. As soon as you are willing to accept opinion from others, you should be able to have improvement gradually.

It sounds doable to me. I always feel frustrated at the boring office because the pressure is sometimes causing me suffocation. My boss is unfair to colleagues and providing an unreasonable deadline to complete the tasks. Every task is ad hoc with no priority at all. I do think that the management is having a big problem.

It’s normal when you work for every employer. Your boss is also under huge pressure from senior management. There is KPI to achieve for every company. I mean Key Performance Indicator. For example, sales target or projects to deliver. Hence, the instruction is from top-down level. Every colleague has to meet different targets. If not, business performance of the company cannot be achieved in the year end.

It’s true. I got your fruitful points that planning for future is crucial. Such flexibility is a high priority for me. I can have control of myself. I cannot think of other reasons why I should not make a trial now.

I just tell the truth. When everyone is talking about metaverse, we should upgrade ourselves. If not, we’ll get eliminated in the society.

I’ve come across news and development of metaverse. It’s about virtual world that brings us with new and incredible experiences by using new technology. It’s really true that the world is changing and we should embrace the new concept rather than escaping from the new things. I’m so grateful to have such conversation with you. Can you shed light on creating an attractive YouTube channel?

Well, I only got 10,000 subscribers. I can state that the content of your channel should solve the pain point of some viewers. It should bring benefits to viewers and such benefits can attract them to subscribe your channel.

What’s meant by “Pain Point”?

It’s simple. Your content can help viewers to solve their existing problems in their daily life. They may be some problems that annoy the viewers consistently or the knowledge that improves viewers’ skill in the long run. If the content is valuable to viewers, they’ll subscribe your channel because they would like to enrich their skill or knowledge continually through your channel. They are your fans and trust no matter of your mindset or knowledge. The subscribers can also provide positive feedback to the content creator, hence, supporting the running of channel persistently.

I’ve no idea of your meaning. Can you elaborate it more?

For example, if viewers have difficulty in learning practical English, the pain point would be “Cannot speak fluent English”. If your channel can provide plenty of examples showing use of terms and presentation easily and uniquely, viewers can gradually improve their spoken English through daily practice. It would be the value of your channel and viewers would spend time to view the videos and subscribe the channel by receiving your alert pro-actively once new video is uploaded. Your fans are waiting for your update of each video every week.

I’ve a critical problem. I do not want to show my appearance at my YouTube channel. I’m too shy and cannot overcome it.

That’s not a problem at all. There are different ways of running a YouTube channel no matter of showing or not showing your appearance. If you would like to be a KOL i.e. Key Opinion Leader, showing your appearance may work better for the growth of the subscribers. However, there are still many successful channels that content creators do not appear explicitly in the video. As soon as the content is valuable to viewers, both approaches work.

However, there’s still such a big challenge to me. You mentioned that the content should be unique. How can be unique? It’s not easy to achieve it.

That’s true. Your content can be interesting and makes peoples laughing. It can also be treated as unique because it can help relaxing after viewing. Hence, it depends on the value of your content. Your content can be special and communicates positive thinking. It can also be treated as unique because it can help motivate peoples after viewing.

I got it. The content should be valuable to viewers. It can help people reducing pressure, thinking positively or even saving money smartly. If someone can teach such special technique, it would be valuable to viewers.

That’s correct. You’ve already got the basic concept and please have open-mind to explore.

Can you share with me how you allocate your time in a week?

First of all, you have to sacrifice your personal time. Taking myself as the example, I’m still having a full-time job and can only prepare the content and film the videos during weekend. After filming the video, I have to edit the videos by adding clear subtitle of each screen. The whole process may take you a few days if you’re not familiar with the tool. Well, efficiency will increase when more and more videos are produced. Subsequently, better quality of videos can also be produced. At the moment, I’m fully involved in each procedure because it’s not justified to outsource film editing to a third-party. Ideally, I would like to find expertise in helping me editing videos when number of subscribers met a significant number. I would like to spend more time to think of the unique content rather than editing the films.

That’s really a time-consuming task. Anyway, I’ll give a trial.

Well, if you enjoy the work, you do not treat difficulty as obstacle. It would happen anyway. In turn, you’ve a strong belief to make the videos professional and attractive to viewers.

Oh, it seemed to me that I still have another problem. I do not know well for using the tool of filming and editing.

Same to you. I learnt through practice. You can get the skill improved when you continually practice. In fact, there are many good and free softwares that can support me and increase my efficiency.

Hey John. I would like to say a big Thanks with you. I’m now having much confidence and will explore the content that would be interesting and unique.

Please do not mention this. I’m also a learner of running a YouTube channel. If I can wake up anytime during morning in the future, it’s fantastic. If I need not worry deadline of my work in the future, it’s unbelievable. They are the drivers for me to pursue my dream continually.

Can you teach me the basic setup required?

Sure, I can share my setting and steps when preparing for the filming and editing. Please remember, being a YouTuber, you’ve to be self-discipline so that you can release your videos in regular period.

Thank you so much. Meanwhile, I’ll perform research on the content that can help bringing in more subscribers.

Just a reminder. You have to be persistent in running a YouTube channel and do not feel upset when the number of subscribers is not growing as expected. You can learn from errors and find ways to enhance the content and presentation. The no. of viewing will increase finally.

It’s a good tip for me because I may easily drop it because the effort spent may not be proportional to the result.

Correct, especially when you do not have any passive income or the amount is still a few. I hope my encouragement is helpful to you. As soon as our objective is clear enough, we should work out the plan and tasks. I have a target in my mind. When my passive income would be half of my monthly income after 2 years, I’ll definitely quit my job at that moment because I enjoy the flexibility of being a full-time YouTuber.

Oh great! I think you can make it. Let’s catch up later.

Sure, see you. Bye!











如果您設定了一個明確的目標,您就會遵循它,成為一名全職 YouTuber,這是我夢想的工作,因為我是老闆,可以控制自己的時間,並增加被動收入。




















這根本不是問題,無論是否展示您的外表,都可以有不同的方式來營運YouTube頻道,如果您想成為 KOL,即關鍵意見領袖,展示您的外表可能更有助於訂閱者數目的增長,然而,仍有許多成功的頻道內容創作者沒有在視頻中亮相,一旦內容對觀眾有價值,兩種方法都會奏效。





















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