How to Set Goals Easily?

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(1) Importance of Goals

It’s a start of the year and it’s important to set goals for having a clearer direction in everyone’s life. They can be short-term or long-term goals and individual or business goals. Most importantly, please do not give up once the goals are set up.

With such clear goals in your mind, you’ll be motivated and staying focus on the tasks. It’s interesting that it’ll mobilize you to have extra energy and help you achieving the target with better utilization of the time ongoingly.

The benefits of setting goals are numerous. Your performance would be improved because the goal drives you to move forward with better result. It’ll enhance your sense of satisfaction and confidence.

For each of the step leading to the goal, you’ll learn new things, experience the creative thinking process and get the rewards via more fulfilling lives.

In reality, achieving goals is more challenging than setting goals. What are those obstacles? Can we overcome the hurdles easily? Any tips for removing negative thinking and managing your psychological condition well?

Setting a goal is not similar to dream setting. If it’s too unrealistic in terms of practical situation and quantity, you’ll definitely be unable to commit to it finally. You should also make it clear that there is no immediate result because the time for achieving it should not be a short period. It’s actually not surprising. The process of path is always not smooth and the result can be a failure rather than a success. You should not focus on the result but the knowledge and experience gained during the process.

(2) SMART Goals

Please bear in mind the following SMART principle when defining your goals. It can help guiding you the goals setting for individual or business purpose.

a) S stands for Specific

The goal should be clearly stated, well defined and explicit. If it’s a team’s target, everyone should be on the same page without any misleading meaning.

b) M stands for Measurable

The goal should be measurable based on some criteria for the purpose of progress tracking. It can be a quantifiable target.

c) A stands for Achievable

The goal should be realistic and practical that can be completed within certain time period. It is action-oriented and should not be aimed with high target.

d) R stands for Relevant

The goal should be aligned with the value of your long-term objective. If it’s a business goal, it should be related to the development of the company such as profit and income.

e) T stands for Time-bound

The goal should be stated with clear deadline. It’s crucial to have designated time-frame so that we can assess the performance of the goal. If not, it’s meaningless to state a goal without timeline.

(3) Examples of Goals

Here are the examples of goals with clear statement and timeline.

a) For individual: Studies & Career

b) For business

a) Studies

  • Awarded the top 10% of students for the scholarship in the year end
  • Awarded the excellent grade of English subject in the year end
  • Awarded the best improvement of Mathematics subject in the year end
  • Got the above-average grade for Biology subject in the year end
  • Got the “A” grade for Psychology subject in the mid-term examination
  • Admitted to one of the top five universities after two years
  • Selected to publish the research paper for the faculty in the mid of the year
  • Completed the group project within one month
  • Learnt 20 new English vocabularies each day Read one story book every two weeks

b) Career

  • Awarded the accounting certification in the year end
  • Passed the professional examination for three levels within three years.
  • Attended two professional courses within one year
  • Attended one online business seminar for getting the market update in each month
  • Learnt marketing skills of social media software within one month.
  • Got promotion to manager within two years
  • Improved working relationship with cross-team teammates and avoided number of confusions within six months
  • Got “A” appraisal grade in the year end
  • Reduced number of errors to zero for email communication within three months.
  • Supported boss to complete the launch of flagship project within scheduled timeline.

c) Business

  • Awarded the best social responsibility in the industry within one year
  • Awarded the best service quality after two years
  • Achieved 10% increase of the profit in the year end
  • Achieved 20% increase of the sales every quarter within this year
  • Achieved top five market share of business income in the industry within three years
  • Limited the growth of cost to less than 10% in the year end
  • Increased the growth of customers base to 20% in the year end
  • Increased the growth of online sales to 30% by September of this year
  • Increased the growth of customers transaction to 10% every quarter within the year
  • Limited the number of customers complaints to less than 100 in the year end

Once setting up a clear goal, you’ll have your own direction to keep the momentum and be enriched with knowledge and skills. Even it’s not successful at the end of the time-frame, you’ll be benefited from the process. It may be able to trigger you with new ideas in the future.


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