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Welcome to joining our Art and Cultural Festival! Today, it’s a big celebration of bringing all of you to one of the largest and fantastic festivals. It’s a two weeks combination of art, music, dance and cuisine.

I’m so glad to be here. The opening ceremony looks great and gorgeous.

Being the director of the Festival, I’m committed to presenting innovative productions from around the world. I’m extremely excited to show you around. I would also like to get you a behind-the-scene look of how we organize this massive festival with something differences.

Great. I can’t wait to attend the show.

You can discover the best Festival through music, dance, theatre, craft and cultural performances. There are great and brilliant performances by presenting local talents and world-class international artists.

It’s lovely. The media has highly recommended that it’s the most influential Festival before.

Thank you. I’m grateful to our artists for their contribution to making it possible. They’re amazing and incredible. Due to the previous difficult time, I’ve to manage the whole team by cheering up the spirit. With the support of each of them, it’s my pleasure to kick-off the ceremony now.

Well, I’ve heard of the background of your company before. Those performers are amazing and deserved to get the eyeball of others.

We also go deeply in the local collaboration for engaging more with the community. We strive to bring the timeless favourite performances to all of you. It’s so interesting and we truly value our partnership with every one of them.

It’s so challenging. Do you encounter obstacles in getting sufficient funding?

We’re fortunate to have the support of funding from charities for our exploration of performances and exhibitions with sufficient resources.

Great, there must be various programs in the upcoming.

That’s correct. Highlights of the Festival include music, dance, theatre and cultural performances. There are well-known orchestras showcasing a spectrum of classical music, ballet groups presenting best-beloved dance and opera from famous international groups featuring musical opera.

In this exceptional year, we’ll bring audiences’ experiences beyond the stage. You’ll definitely be surprised because we’ll find something new to show you. We’re committed to bringing joy and excitement through a diverse program of performances.

I’ve keen interest to find out the secret of those outstanding performances.

Let me give you the exclusive details. First, we’ll show international artwork together by connecting collectors, galleries and artists. It would feature over 200 leading galleries and more than 3,000 artists from different countries through exhibiting their works.

We present paintings, sculpture, prints, mixed media and installations. It can draw large crowds of curators and collectors. As the audience for buyers continued to grow on the art market in the past years, we forecasted that it will continue to boom in the coming five years.

I’m delighted to hear the news.

We are the driving force in support of galleries and nurturing the development of artists. It’s because we create a platform for emerging and established artists to grow, learn and create by providing visibility and exposure of works through subsidized programs.

It’s a good opportunity for them to explore new ideas, themes and create new work. It’s truly one of the largest and flagship art events and one of the most important international art fairs. We provide an important channel for artists to showcase and sell their work to a global network of collectors.

I know that NFT art has drawn the attention of collectors, investors and art lovers recently. Do you have any platform of lining up digital artists?

Yes, we’ve launched a digital NFT marketplace with unique digital art collections for purchase and sale. You’ll find a lot of amazing high-quality and creative art at our professional and simplistic design of website. It’s so demanding for people from all walks of life.

The recent rise in popularity of NFT art has revolutionized the creative market. It protects creators by offering formal recognition with legal ownership of their work of creators. Creators are able to take greater control over the copyright of the artworks and intellectual property.

I do not have idea of how NFT art works. As far as I know, the value of NFT art will also be depended on the value of cryptocurrency.

Correct. When the artwork is sold to a new buyer, the creator will still receive a percentage of the sale. Creator can ongoingly receive income for every purchase and the value of the digital art will probably increase. It would be quite promising and the ownership can be traced back to the creator.

To show the uniqueness with worth of a great deal of money, some original physical artworks are even destroyed by artists deliberately. With the use of technology, the future possibilities for NFT art market are exploding. We want to be a part of it.

That’s why more and more artists are catching on to the NFT market as it’s a very profitable investment. It would benefit them from the start of the career. However, there are still risks that investors should be aware of the dark side. It’s astonishing and I’ll visit your NFT platform to learn more.

Next, we also get another remarkable performance. Over the past hundred years, Chinese opera, one of the oldest art forms, combined music, art and literature into one performance on the stage.

It’s appealing because of the different styles of facial makeup, which shows distinctive techniques of painting. There is important meaning for each facial makeup. It’s fascinating that overdramatized design is painted on each actor’s face to symbolize a character’s personality, role and fate.

It has also gradually evolved into many different regional varieties based on local traits and accents. We would like to preserve the invaluable traditional art form. It’s our pleasure to get the Chinese opera group here.

With the challenge of modern entertainment and popular culture, we can know their inside stories. We’ll present a talk and invite veterans of one of the famous Chinese opera groups to share the pains and gains in their inheritance and dissemination of the art.

Will we be able to enjoy a string of stage performances?

Of course, please do not miss it.

Next, we’ve invited a well-known symphony orchestra consisting of thirty musicians who have full-time job. Those members are doctors, nurses, bankers, teachers and engineers. The orchestra has a unique sound.

They performed with the use of unconventional musical instruments at different venues such as churches, elderly home, children’s hospital and other non-profit organization. They use music to spread happiness to different people.

I can’t believe how warm and love this performance is bringing to the community. It’s so meaningful. Please join us to enjoy the great music.

They’re extraordinary with committed love and touching intention.

We also invite the most renowned ballet group, consisting of 100 dancers, that is among the world’s oldest ballet companies. It is also recognized as one of the world’s major international ballet companies and also a regular guest at major festivals across Europe.

The objectives of the Group are very clear. In addition to provide ballet performance opportunities to its members, promotion of ballet by teachers and artists is encouraged on a voluntary basis.

The Group is dedicated to nurturing talents through different ways. For example, organizing different workshops and seminars can help dancers improving the skill gradually. Providing scholarships and awards can set target of achievements for promising dancers.

It’s so great and the purpose is to boost the development of the younger generation through different kinds of encouragement.

Last but not the least, we’ll also have event at night. When the audiences soak up the sun in the daytime and attend numerous performances, it’s another exciting activity for every participant to attend music event in the night.

We’ve invited performers from other genres including hip hop, indie rock and electronic dance music. It’s typified by deliberately inorganic sounds and timbres, achieving mainstream popularity across countries.

A strong emphasis on rhythm can draw the attention of the crowd and will be burnt on the night of city. You would be able to release your tension and relax by enjoying good piece of music.  

I can’t imagine how stimulating it would be.

In addition to the above events, we have some entertaining productions. There are behind-the-scenes videos, pre-performance talks and special gifts to enhance engagement between artists and audiences.

Through different events, we take pride in having such exclusive access to have the world outstanding performances. We feel how the local community is embracing with this spectacular cultural festival. We’re sure that the Festival will definitely become large and growing presence in the city.

It reaffirms our dedication to supporting artists and achievement of new breakthrough in artistry. The Festival can bring us all together in person with joyful, memorable and meaningful moment and experiences.

Let’s explore the Festival offerings. We hope you all enjoy!

I can’t wait and have already registered your mobile application for getting the latest news of those events.


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