Applying for Banking Services

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(1) Opening a bank account – Savings account, current account, foreign exchange account, investment account

I would like to open a bank account.

What kind of account you would like to open?

I would like to open savings and securities accounts.

You can open an integrated account which covers savings, current, foreign exchange, securities and investment funds accounts.

What are the benefits of having an integrated account?

We offer you personalized wealth management services and exclusive benefits that are designed to suit your banking needs.

With savings account, you can enjoy preferential tiered interest rates so that you can start to save, grow your wealth and plan for the future.

With current account, we offer you free cheque book so that you can make payment conveniently such as paying bills to different merchants.

With foreign exchange account, we provide preferential exchange rates by distributing your wealth across different currencies. You can manage a variety of foreign currencies in one consolidated account.

With investment account, you can trade stocks and subscribe investment funds by using our best-in-class phone, online and mobile channels. With our one-stop securities services, you can enjoy value-added services such as our professional market information for helping you capturing investment opportunities.

For investment funds, we also offer a wide range of funds with options of different risks to match your investment goals. We offer attractive cash rebate and handling fee waiver if your investment amount has exceeded certain designated level.

It sounds good and I can manage my finances without any hassle.

Please provide your personal details and I can open the account for you now.

(2) Types of services – Wealth management, Financial planning, Personalized strategy, Financial management tool

Any minimum balance for opening an integrated account?

We have several types of integrated account.

What are the differences?

We have top-class private banking services with dedicated relationship manager. We serve high-net-worth customers with more exclusive wealth management services.

We help you to diversify your asset, plan your wealth, plan your succession and advise your life journey as well. The elite of wealth management services preserves and grows your wealth. The minimum balance is quite a significant amount and that is $1 million.

Wow, any other choices?

We have prestige banking services with dedicated relationship manager. We also offer personalized wealth management services that are beyond products and services. We support your family-focused goals through our professional financial planning services.

You need not worry about the risks because our experts analyze your portfolio based on your personalized strategy. In addition, we serve you with a wide range of privileges in dining, lifestyle and travel. The minimum balance is $100,000.

It’s still too much for me.

You can consider a basic integrated account with a minimum balance as low as $10,000 dollars. This is also an all-in-one account that provides flexibility when managing your portfolio anytime, anywhere. You can accumulate your wealth through our different investment products with controlled risks.

Our trusted, stable and secure online and mobile banking platforms are built with excellent customers experience. You can get our personal financial analysis, suggestion of asset management and our products. It facilitates you to achieve your life goals in different stages.

Good. I would consider to open a basic integrated account because the innovative financial managementtool brings me much value-added services. It can fulfill my banking needs.

(3) Time deposit, Deposit tenor, Renewal instruction, Principal

I would like to deposit money to your bank. What’s the best interest rate I can get?

May I know how much of it?

I’ve $10,000 and the deposit period is one month.

Based on existing interest rate, it’s 0.5% per annum.

It’s not attractive to me. Can I get better interest rate?

The more your deposit, the higher the interest rate. You can also consider a longer deposit tenor. For your convenience, we can also automatically renew your time deposit instruction.

I do not have enough balance in your bank. I think I have to transfer money from the other bank later.

If your deposit amount is up to $100,000 for one year, we can offer you a special rate of 2% per annum. It’s because you bring in new funds to us and this is a one-off offer.


Meanwhile, we currently offer special interest rate during this seasonal period. Please do not miss it for our wide choice of deposit tenors, currencies and renewal instructions. You can also make the time deposit instruction at online and mobile channels.

Please simply select the time deposit plan, principal amount and deposit tenor. There is also choice of renewal options on maturity. In the volatile market, investment involves risks. Hence, we should allocate certain percentage of money to a more secure approach.

What do you mean for renewal option?

You can renew the time deposit with principal only, principal and interest or deducting from principle. It’s up to your preference. You can make use of time deposit to grow your wealth with favorable interest returns without taking big financial risks. The flow is so simple.

Agreed. I can save my money for a set period of time and get a higher interest rate than a savings account. If stock market is promising, I can invest again by re-arranging my portfolio flexibly.

(4) Apply for Mortgage Loan – Property valuation, Mortgage rate, Green mortgage Mortgage calculator

I would like to apply for a residential mortgage loan.

Would you please provide me more details?

Here is the address of the property. I’ve already performed instant property valuation at your bank’s mobile application.

Thanks. Please provide me the proof. Did you have a record of screen?

Here you are.

Thanks. Please let me check.

I’m considering to borrow loan amount of 50% of the property’s value with a tenor of 20 years.

Currently, we’ve promotion for different mortgage plans.

Good. Can you introduce those plans?

We offer cash rebate of 2% after drawing down a mortgage, premium discount of 10% for enrollment of fire insurance plan and preferential interest rate of 2% for placement of time deposit instructions.

How about the mortgage rate?

We’ve competitive mortgage interest rate based on your information submitted. We can help you to realize your dream of purchasing a house.

We’ve also another type of mortgage plan with a theme of green element. In responding to environment protection, we offer exceptional mortgage rate if your house is built with green architectural standard.

It’s awesome. It’s good for the planet.

Will you apply for Green mortgage now?

I’m still hesitating and calculating the loan amount that I should borrow and the tenor that I should take as well.

You can use our bank’s mortgage calculator to facilitate your decision. It can calculate your monthly repayment amount and interest expense under different scenarios.

How can I get this?

You can just download our bank’s mobile application. Once your decision is made, you can apply for mortgage loan through the mobile application by submitting the information and uploading documents including your identity documents, salary and employment proof.

It’s very convenient and I can submit it through online.

Yes, please note that it would take around two days for the approval after collecting your all information.

Great. It’s fine with me.

(5) Apply for Life Insurance Plan – Medical plan, Daily necessities, Illness plan, Financial burden, Stroke

I would like to apply for a life insurance plan.

We’ve different types of life protection plans. It can be for savings, retirement and illness purposes.

I would like to protect my family’s future if the unexpected happens.

Our service can provide you piece of mind and financial security of your beloved ones.

I’m considering health and illness related plan.

Sure, we’ve different types of medical plans which protect your health with a well-planned coverage. It can also be extended to your parents and child to ensure adequate protection. It covers you for unknown pre-existing condition.

This payment can be used to pay for medical treatment as well as daily necessities, making up for lost income when you cannot work anymore. You can be rest assured even sickness has existed prior to the policy issuance date.

For illness plans, we can reduce your financial burden at times of unexpected illness. Critical illnesses include cancer, heart disease and stroke. We cover over 100 illnesses in different stages and extra hospital cash benefit so that you can enjoy a lifelong protection to yourself and your family. We also cover a second cancer with more protection of recurrences and new cancers.

That’s great for covering second cancer. We’re surrounded by polluted environment and factors and it’s very common to be suffered from critical illness.

Our plans are also flexible for you to enroll by considering premium payment period with 10, 20 or 30 years.

You can consider the insured amount with a minimum of $10,000 with different payment modes such as annually, quarterly or monthly. We offer comprehensive hospital cash benefit so that you and your family are well protected.

That’s good. Let me have a look and will get back to you later.


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