Protecting Environment

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Nowadays, people become more aware of global warming and environmental protection. Greenhouse gas pollution causes global warming which stresses ecosystems through temperature rises. The impacts of global warming have become one of the greatest concerns and are felt across of our life with signs of climate change in the planet. In addition to the rise of global temperature, other signs include warmer ocean, shrinking ice sheets and rise of sea level.

Different news also stated that tropical storms were more severe and glaciers melted at a faster rate. To avoid the situation getting worsen, we should make the best efforts to protect an environment for the betterment of the globe. In fact, it’s a conventional target for each of us to enjoy the environment that is healthy, comfortable and cheerful. It’s also our responsibility to make the world a better place to live for our next generations.

As global warming is caused by pollution, how can we reduce or stop the pollution? We should start to practice an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyle for protecting the environment and sustaining natural resources. Hence, there are plenty of reasons for each of us to have such “Going Green” concept. For example, we can save our expenses from electricity and water consumption, give a new life of old items through donation and lead a healthy life by reducing carbon footprint.

To have direct changes to the earth, we should look at different ways to reduce waste generation, electricity and paper consumption for the purpose of living a low-waste lifestyle step by step. Every positive action from us can help meeting Green targets e.g. reducing emission of carbon dioxide, limiting pollutants in the air and achieving good water quality. Ultimately, the change of our behaviors that are sustainable certainly can contribute a positive impact to the environment, hence relieving worsening effects of the climate crisis.

The challenges of “Going Green” are many. It’s not easy to fully embrace a green lifestyle because it’s sometimes difficult to change the way we’ve adapted to our lifestyles, habits and daily decisions built for many years. With such a new concept, we may also not be fully aware of the benefits brought to the world. Moreover, eco-friendly practices also cause us big struggle by breaking our routine practices and creating new ways of living that are out of our comfort zones. Unfortunately, the changes usually make us to sacrifice our past behaviors by making a difference to the environment.

In addition, it would usually be costly because of using recycled items produced by green technology invested for infrastructure of meeting Green standard. Hence, consumers may need to pay for higher cost for maintaining Green lifestyles. As such, it would not be an affordable lifestyle for some families. Nevertheless, in order to achieve going Green, it’s important for us to take the first step for doable items so that our individual actions can start to make the immediate changes to the world positively.


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