Looking for Life Protection?

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Good morning Sir, may I help you?

I would like to enquire about the information of insurance products.

Sure. My name is Jenny. Would you please take a seat?

Thank you.

We’ve different types of insurance products. May I have your check the types of protection you’re looking for?

I would like to provide financial support to my wife and children in the event of my death.

We can offer you a wide range of reliable protection plans that can suit your needs.

I would like to ensure my family is looked after continually.

Yes. Life is sometimes complicated and can be unpredictable. 

Reducing the financial burden on my beloved ones is my key purpose. What types of insurance plans should I get?

Please rest assured that our choices of products can keep your family financially secure.

I’m the sole breadwinner in a family and also a new parent raising a young family. I would like to maintain their current lifestyles during my absence.

Thanks for your information. You’re really a fantastic husband. Would you like to consider temporary or permanent protection?

What do you mean by “temporary”?

Temporary means that the protection lasts for a limited period e.g. 10, 15, 20 years and so on. It does not belong to lifelong coverage.

Is the life cover given during the limited period only?

Right. It’s a pure life cover within a fixed term of period. It’s quite flexible and the period can be as short as 5 years and as long as 30 years.

It sounds great. How’s the structure?

The structure of the plan is simple. You can choose how much cover you need and the length of protection. You can just pay for the fixed premium monthly. As the premium is lower than that of other life insurance products, it’s most affordable by the youngsters.

As it’s straightforward, it’s also the most popular type of life insurance. Do you have any questions?

How should I decide the amount of cover?

You may think of the scenario e.g. the cost required for paying for your mortgage loan or supporting your children’s school years in the event of your absence.

I’ve a question. What if I live beyond the term period? Can I get anything?

Your family will not get any benefit. We’ll pay a lump sum of money upon your death which should be within the term period.

If I pay for the premium on time, can I get any savings or cash value finally?

Sorry. With “term life” insurance, it offers a death benefit without any savings element.

I know what you mean. How should I decide the length of coverage?

You may think of the case of paying for your mortgage loan. If it’ll take 10 years to settle all of your mortgage payment, the length of your coverage is suggested to be at least 10 years. It’s one of the ways to determine the length.

Alternatively, people also consider the number of working years as the length of coverage e.g. 20 or 30 years. It’s treated as an income replacement for the family in case of the death of the breadwinner.

Got it.

Your beneficiary will receive the amount of death benefit.

Ok. I should calculate the amount paid to my family that can cover most of the debts and living expenses.

Right. In addition, if the term period is 10 years, you can renew the plan for another 10 years after the end of the period. During renewal, premium should tend to go up as you age with change of health condition.

If you would like to convert to a permanent life insurance plan, we can also arrange for you later. Let me know about any questions.

That’s clear, thank you.

It’s cool. If you would like to go for lifelong coverage, you can also select our “whole life” insurance.

Please provide me more details.

Sure. It’s a permanent coverage for your entire lifetime or till 99 years of age. It’s not limited to a fixed period of time.

How is the premium payment term?

We offer different options e.g. 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Taking the example of 10 years of payment term, you can still be protected for the whole of your life even you’ve completed 10 years of payment. The protection is lifelong rather than a fixed period of time.

In addition, part of the premium paid can build value overtime and it can generate a guaranteed return rate. Dividends are paid out at regular intervals to the policyholder.

Got it. It explains the reason why the premium is more expensive than that of term life insurance.

Absolutely. To meet customers’ needs, we’ve different plans that are designed with different themes. Our objectives are helping customers to accumulate wealth in addition to lifelong protection coverage. Here are the choices of plans.

We also have another type of life insurance which is similar to whole life insurance. It’s named as “universal life” insurance and you can flexibly select your premium payment term.

Let me have a look.

We’re committed to provide high quality and professional insurance services to our customers.

Thanks for your detailed introduction of the differences of plans.

In addition, our claiming procedure is also speedy and simple. Our customers can submit the request via our mobile application or website conveniently. Documents can be uploaded online for speeding up the process.

During claiming, we understand that customers are in urgent for getting help. The status of approval can be tracked easily and payment will be made based on the method selected from customers.

Our one-stop solution can provide you peace of mind and stress-free protection.

Is your customer service centre running 7×24?

We’ve chatbot which supports customer enquiries anytime. Customers can also approach us via hotline and email.

That’s great.

We can further discuss with you in detail. Our insurance specialists can offer you the most suitable solution based on your coverage goals, family size, income and financial situation.

Good. I would like to understand more. Can you schedule an appointment with me?

Definitely. May I have your available date and time?

Let me check my diary later.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the video is used for educating wording related to insurance and it’s not intended for selling any insurance products.
















暫時意味著保障持續一段有限的時間,例如10、15、20 年等等,不屬於終身保障。













您可以想想支付按揭貸款的情況,如果您需要 10 年時間才能還清所有按揭貸款,則建議您的保險期限至少為 10 年,這是用作決定期限的方法之一。

或者,其他人也將工作年期作為保險期限,例如20 或 30 年,如果經濟支柱去世,這筆賠償被視為家庭的收入替代品。




正確的,此外,如果期限為 10 年,您可以在期限結束後再續保 10 年,在續保期間,保費應該會隨著年齡的增長和健康狀況的變化而上升。





當然可以,這是您一生或直到 99 歲的永久性保險可以,它不限於固定的時間段。


我們提供不同的選擇,例如5、10、15 或 20 年可以,以10年供款期為例,即使您已完成10年供款,您仍可終生受保障可以,保護是終身的,而不是固定的時間段。




















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