Will ChatGPT Affect Jobs?

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Hi Professor Nick, can you introduce ChatGPT?

Sure. ChatGPT is a Conversational Artificial Intelligent (AI) bot. You can ask questions or requests.

It understands human languages and can respond to you in a natural and speedy way after processing your requests. Why is it so powerful? It’s equipped with NLP i.e., Natural Language Processing which is the capability of translating human languages into something a machine can understand.

It’s also made ready for Machine Learning with algorithms and data that imitates human beings to learn and also improves the accuracy over time. It can answer questions, summarize content and write programs and so on.

Its productivity is so high that people are shocked and also concerned by the disruptive innovation. It’s a sudden change that the tasks can be finished within a few seconds rather than consuming 4-5 hours for completion in the past.

With such substantial improvement, it would affect some of the jobs which require professional knowledge and skills in the past. Indeed, productivity is raised and fewer headcount is required. In addition, cost of getting the detailed response from AI is much lower than employing a permanent staff.

It’s such a fascinating tool for increasing productivity. Will it make some of the jobs obsolete in the coming three to five years? What are the jobs that are at most risk? Consequently, there are different levels of impact depending on the types of job.

Can you tell me some of the strengths?

The strengths are so many. ChatGPT can help you completing different tasks and solving problems efficiently.

What you need to do is to prompt a question to the AI bot. As it has been trained on a large dataset of conversational text from websites and books, it’ll feedback you within just a few seconds like a human writer. You can understand the reply easily and straightly.

It’s different from the experience of using search engine because the answer from AI bot is already summarized after analyzing billion of text data rather than providing you numerous result links for your clicking. You can understand the answer easily because it replies you through human-like conversations.

What are some of the weaknesses?

It has been trained on massive text data from the websites. As some or a few websites may contain biases and errors, the outputs may display incorrect, inappropriate and misleading information because the quality of sources of data may vary.

If you found that the answer was not the truth, please express negative feedback to the bot so that it can learn and improve continually. Through your feedback, the reinforcement learning is activated and it’s able to correct it next time. Most of the time, the output is incredibly correct.

If I’m a programmer, developer or software engineer, how will the AI bot affect me?

ChatGPT is able to write computer program based on your required programming language. It can build webpages, applications and games in a few seconds.

You can further ask the questions for finetuning the requirement e.g., adding more features. It can help on the basic programming tasks and increase the productivity of programmers. You can focus more on other value-added skills and tasks such as artificial intelligence and technological innovation. Due to the high efficiency, number of entry-level programmers can be largely reduced in the future.

If I’m a journalist, writer and researcher, how will the AI bot help me?

As it’s very strong in performing analysis from a vast dataset of conversational text, there’s no doubt that it can write and summarize content with different topics within a few seconds.

If you prompt a question, it can propose the framework of the article. If you further chat with the bot on the details of framework, it can provide you the in-depth skeleton. In addition, if you provide long article, it can save you much of the time in drafting summary.

From creativity point of view, it’s not capable to create new ideas and perspectives because its source is based on existing text data. It can raise your productivity of preparing draft material. Next, you can enrich the content by adopting creativity and style of your professional writing.

If I’m a financial analyst, how will the AI bot affect me?

It’s a powerful tool which can perform analysis from large amounts of numerical data.

The generation of reports with detailed insight, prediction and recommendation is just within seconds. Such recommendation, which is based on a mix of factors, is able to lower the investment risk of the overall portfolio’s values. It’s undeniable that being a financial analyst will be influenced by the technological innovation.

If I’m a teacher, how will the AI bot affect me?

It can answer different questions from existing text data. Students can actually get the answers from the AI bot rather than that they do the homework by themselves. It becomes a temptation to students.

It’s so convenient for students to ask for the help of AI bot by accessing the simple platform. If a student finally uses such automated writing tool to prepare for paper, it’s deemed as cheating. In the future, there should be ways from schools and universities to disallow such behaviour because it’s actually not fair to students who complete the homework by themselves.

In turn, students should make use of the strong AI tool to learn, explore and absorb the new knowledge efficiently. Similar to different search engines, students can learn by themselves anytime through the simple AI platform.

Being a teacher, you’ll be intimidated by the AI because students will make use of the strengths frequently and get their answers in the long run. It actually affects the way of educating students because the dependency on teacher will be lowered gradually.

Last but not the least, the technologies will continue to improve and get mature. The application of conversational AI will be widely adopted due to the improved accuracy and customer experience. Everyone should keep track of the impact as it’ll change the choice of profession in the employment market.


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